Personal Plea From Mark Kistler

The world is watching in awe as my fellow Houstonians galvanize together to help each other rebuild and recover.

So many of my close friends and student's families have suffered TOTAL losses of all their worldly processions.  Every one of them, and I emphasize EVERY ONE of them are joining with neighbors and local shelters and relief crews, helping to help.

My eyes are flooded, my heart swells with pride to call these fine people part of my tribe.  

For my friends outside of Horrible Harvey's Path, would you please consider donating $20 or more to my relief fund below?  I know many of you have already nobly donated to National Relief efforts.  What I'm doing here is a micro-local relief effort getting $100-$500 quick e-transfer care packages sent to our tribe of artists, art-student families, neighbors and FB family who desperately need QUICK relief for groceries, hotel rooms, boxes to pack belongings, and lots of FANS to dry their homes.  MY PLEDGE:  within a few hours of your donation, I intend to have it transferred to an extremely GRATEFUL family.

I have drained my personal PayPal account, but I want to give MORE.  I need your help.  I hate to beg, but here I go...Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease will you donate $20, $50 or more to my relief fund here?



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Hi Mark, I have been taking screenshots of various parts of your LIVE Virtual classes. I was looking through them tonight and was struck by how cool it is that you are truly "drawing" a worldwide audience. I thought I would share some of them with you since I know you don't usually have much time to look around inside the class. Thanks!

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