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For a Virtual Tour

For a Virtual Tour

When you register your child for Mark Kistler's drawing classes, you are encouraged to attend several different class times to determine which one works best for your child's skill level and your family schedule. Regardless of the class time you choose, students may attend any and ALL of posted class times, including Holiday, Spring, and Summer Art Camp special classes.

Remember, many of the live webcast classes are recorded for on-demand viewing and posted for registered students to view anytime - 24/7.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A CAMERA OR A MICROPHONE to participate with these LIVE classes.  However, with parents permission, students are encouraged to ENABLE YOUR CAMERA.  At the end of each LIVE webcast, Mr. Mark puts YOUR children on camera to share THEIR DRAWINGS AND HAPPY SMILE WITH THE CLASS!  This is such FUN!  Mr. Mark is really using this technology to make this LIVE experience even MORE INTERACTIVE!  You do not need to have a camera or microphone on your computer to enjoy these classes.  To communicate with our Art Teachers, students will use the built-in student response texting, whiteboard notes, icons, and Virtual Hand Raising for questions.



With the exception of Holiday, Spring, and Summer Art Camps each weeks theme is the same. Each hour-long lesson covers the same materials for the scheduled class time slots with the level of difficulty adjusted appropriately for the age and skill level grouping. Students are WELCOME and encouraged to participate in more than one hour session per week. Even though the lesson drawings for that week will be the same, these are LIVE video streaming lessons, so each class will change as I embellish, enhance, and veer off on creative tangents…your child could participate in 3 sessions during a given week and produce 3 very different versions of the same lesson.

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Adults are welcome to sign up too! We currently have adults registered in all classes, all levels...beginning, intermediate and advanced.  Adults enjoy Mark Kistler's classes enormously.

Building A Portfolio

If your child is interested in eventually getting into a 4-Year Art School (Parsons Art Schools, Chicago Art University, San Jose State University, Atlanta School of Art and Animation, etc), or in applying for internships/careers in 2-D/3-D Animation companies (Dreamworks, Pixar/Disney…), or possibly illustrating comic books (Marvel, King Features), or even designing websites or mobile App Digital Games (Mario Brother's, Angry Birds, Bad Pigs...), Your child will require an effective portfolio that reflects an expert skill level of 3-Dimensional drawing. My goal is to help your child build this powerful portfolio.

Pre-Test Skill Assessment

All registered students are requested to complete a drawing skills assessment pre-test. This pre-test is an excellent parent's tool to discuss, evaluate, and encourage students skill level development.

5-7 Year-Old Classes

I recommend that all 5-7 year olds start in my “Mini-Marshmallow” class sessions for the first few months. I specially gear these classes for these little genius marshmallows with even more zany, silly, and age appropriate antics. I LOVE teaching this age group, it’s so wacky FUN! I do not recommend children under 5 participate as to avoid frustrating them. I want your child’s experience in learning how to draw with me to be only positive, fun, and successful.

Weekly/Monthly Themes

Each week/Month I will determine specific themes to draw…for example one Week I may focus on Ancient Egypt, and teach students to draw Mummies, Pyramids, camels, Ancient Kingdoms, Hippos, meandering Nile River, Ancient temples etc…my list of themes grows everyday. Students are encouraged to submit requests for future lesson themes. Currently I have lesson themes including:

  • Jurassic Dinosaurs
    Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus,Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl, Dinosaur Valleys and prehistoric trees and plants.
  • Ocean Odyssey
    Mermaids and Sharks, Dolphins and Manatees, Exotic Fish, Fanged Fish, Eels, Manta ray, Crabs, whales, Coral Reefs, Sea-Horses, Sea-Turtles, and the ever popular Scuba Pig!
  • Space Adventures
    Space Ships and Planets, Aliens and Robots, Space Gizmo's and Gadgets, Moon Craters and Asteroids, Space Cities and Zero Gravity Highways, Space Stations, Black Holes, Galaxies…
  • Polar Expeditions
    Penguins, Polar Bears, Glaciers, Seals, Sea Lions, Dog Sleds, Igloos, and of course The North Pole and Santa's Toy Manufacturing Mega-City also know as Elfopolis!
  • Bob's Big Day
    This lesson series is a salute to one of my students who lead the team that created the Dreamworks 3-D movie, “Shrek”.
  • Marshmallow Mania!
    Just as this title teases, this lesson series is crazy zany fun.
  • Medieval Times
    King Arthur and Knights of the Drawing Table, Sir-Lancelot, The Queens Court, juggling Jesters and jousters, Fire Breathing Dragons, Sherwood Forrest and Robin Hoods Band Merrymen…
  • Humpty Dumpty Plumity!
    Opera Egg, Eggscellent Adventure, Eggstraodinary Journey, Eggsceptional Voyage..
  • Perspective
    One-Point Perspective, Two-Point Perspective, and Three-Point Perspective
  • Human Figure
    Human Portrait, hands, feet, hair, babies,
  • Superheroes
    All our favorite Superhero's and action figures

Studying style and techniques of Author/Illustrators, Animators, Artists

Occasionally I will be inviting my friends and colleagues who are top professionals in their field to guest teach with me during these live lessons. I plan on having guest Artists who have worked on Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Tangled, How To Train Your Dragon, Toy Story, etc. I also plan on having guest teachers that are the worlds top Car Designers, Comic Book Illustrators, Fashion Designers, Portrait Painters, Landscape Artists, Wildlife Illustrators, Architects, Aircraft Engineers, Toy Designers, Digital Game Creators, etc.

Accountability and Achievement

This series of  99 levels of drawing skill level success inspire students to Practice! Practice! Practice! Applied disciplined practice builds SKILL. Increased Skill inspires CONFIDENCE. Confident students are motivated to practice even MORE! This is what I refer to as the "Self Perpetuating Success Cycle!".

In the Virtual Classroom, students are encouraged to participate in the Pencil Club that has various levels of achievements...99 Levels!


Each week Mark Kistler teaches many LIVE classes via video streaming.

Many of the live webcast classes are recorded and posted for registered students anytime - 24/7!

Classes run one hour. The class times are posted on our schedule page and may be modified as we add additional days and times to accommodate new student enrollment.  Please make sure that you are receiving our newsletters! 

Mark Kistler's LIVE Webcast Course Schedule

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Scholarships for Deserving Children
Do you have or know of a young budding artist that needs a little help with the tuition for Mark Kistler's Virtual Classes? We might be able to help! Please visit our Contact Us page and tell us a little bit about the young artists. Please be sure to put "Scholarship" in the "Subject" line.