Paper Cut Animation with Brandon Ray

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Brandon Ray Header ImageLearn how to animate your 3-D drawings with Internet Animation Sensation Brandon Ray!

Internet Animator Brandon Ray is a Film Maker, Animator, Media Creator and the founder of Paper Brain Animation Studios.

He's a self-taught animator that likes cheese tasting, beard grooming, and pretending to be a musician. Brandon Ray prefers you call him B.Ray (pronounced "BeeRay").  That's basically how he rolls.

Most recently in 2013, he did some animation for a children’s program that will be airing on Amazon’s streaming media service in January 2014. Right before that, he animated two music videos- one for The Begging Sea, and the other for Bill Carter’s “Anything Made of Paper” from the West of Memphis documentary (it just won Best Music Video at the Irvine International Film Festival, and he performed it live on the Letterman Show earlier this year with the song’s guitarist Johnny Depp). He also brought a children’s story to life with animation earlier this year, and before that, BRay animated the opening for the 2013 Only in Houston Awards honoring Alfred Cervantes of the Houston Film Commission. You can also see a recent original animation of his on Electric Literature for Sam Pink’s novel “Rontel”.

Brandon Ray's Promo Video

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BRay been doing a web series for the past couple years called Paper People Jokes (people send him jokes and he animates them with stop-motion construction paper). In fact, the series was Shortlisted for the Vimeo Festival + Awards in both 2010 and 2012, which was pretty cool considering that there were 15,000 other entries it was competing with.

BRay's animated works have been featured on Channel Frederator three times, as well as numerous international film festivals and screenings. His animations have also been chosen as a Staff Pick by Vimeo on four different occasions. In October of 2013, the American Advertising Federation of Houston chose him as their Artist of the Month.

In 2008, he met my childhood hero “Commander” Mark Kistler and had him make me a guest appearance on a 5-part animated series. He is actually guest appearing on his live “how-to-draw” webcast as of recent, teaching kids from around the world my patented Paper Cut technique of ‘fast & furious’ paper puppet animation. He’s such an inspirational guy!

Aside from that, he just became a dad a couple years ago to his son, Bleu Ray, and his daughter, Violet Ray.

This course is a collection of Brandon Ray's recorded LIVE webcast lessons with

Each hour long recorded lesson teaches students how to:

  • Brainstorm for a story concept
  • Create a "Storyboard"
  • Follow the Storyboard to draw backgrounds, props, and characters
  • Build characters alongside Brandon that are functional PAPER PUPPETS!
  • Develop different voices for several characters
  • Create GREAT sound effects
  • Complete a short animated film with a beginning, middle, and ending


Brandon Ray teaches a "Behind The Scenes" how to film your movie using any smartphone video recorder on several of the lessons, and even how to edit the completed film together with popular smartphone apps!

Student memberships have access to many hours of Brandon Ray's recorded live webcast lessons.

All of the lessons are available in the “Past Lesson Library” available for playback anytime…24/7, Online On-Demand!

Take a look at a few completed Brandon Ray lesson "Paper Cut Animations!"

Want to see more?  Click images above to view video.


Brandon Ray's "Paper Cut Animation" Course:

All of the lessons are available in the “Past Lesson Library” available for playback anytime…24/7, Online On-Demand!

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