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I am a busy homeschool mom of three, ages twelve, ten, and four. I am always looking for elective type classes for my kids that don't require so much from me. These drawing lessons are perfect for all three of them! Even my four year old loves the Mini-Marshmallow lessons and asks to do them all the time! It is easy enough for her to navigate the website on her own and her little drawings are so detailed for such a young artist!

We highly recommend this product!

A. Neth

Our son loves learning new ways of drawing and techniques watching the Mark Kilter videos and step-by-step instructions. Mark is very encouraging and fun to listen to. It was definitely a good purchase. I recommend to anyone that has a child who wants to be challenged in art. It may have a lot of cartoon drawings, but I believe that is a part of art that is underrated.

Some of the people Mark Kistler has taught went on to do animation for movies, such as Shrek. So, I think this would be a great start or addition to standard techniques in art. Our son spends about 2 hours a day watching and learning from him. He really enjoys it. A Great teacher!

Traci B

My name is Julie. I'm writing to thank you for having a huge impact on my life. Right now, I'm studying art education at Herron School of Art at IUPUI and I plan to get a major in art therapy. Recently, I was asked when I first wanted to be an artist.

At first the answer wasn't really clear, but then I remembered this show I used to watch... Everyday from when I was about 4-7, I would find a pen or pencil, steal some computer paper or sneak some from my dad's brief case (this was the early 90's), and with a laser like focus, I would draw with you.

I really only remember my favorite drawing, but I really fondly remember your show. Thank you for all of your work with children and inspiring me as a child.

PS: My favorite drawing was the one with the pencil rocket ship.

Julie S.

Hi my name is Olivia and  I am 12 years old and I was just watching your recorded video about the eyes and wanted to send you a photo I have also been working on something else that I hope you like.

Olivia N.


My 8 year old loves drawing, but what has been exceptional about Mark-Kistler, is his engaging style.  She will spend hours drawing and then excitedly come and share her success.  It's an easy yet challenging program and you can pause the lesson whenever you need. We suggest this to all families, homeschoolers or not!

Jessica S

Thank you for your book "You Can Draw in 30 days", Mark! It was my companion / tutor / friend for almost 6 months - this is how long 30 days took in my case. I am a mature person who started to draw about one-year ago. I first started by myself and then I felt the need to get some qualified support. That is when I found your book. Now, I have learned a lot about 3-D drawing. And most important, the spirit: practice and have fun, and you can do it!

Thank you for your book "You Can Draw in 30 Days".

Livia S.

I was looking for a way for my kids to learn the basics of drawing. Mark Kistler's virtual drawing class has been great. He has a mini marshmallow class that goes at a slower pace for younger children and those that may get frustrated easily. My children have been learning various techniques and terms. I love that they are taking what they are learning from Mark and using it in their everyday drawing. The various levels of practice are wonderful, especially for my oldest who is a box checker! Mark walks them step by step of how to draw each picture. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a drawing class!

Allyson C

Love, Love, LOVE the classes!!

Just wanted to thank you. We love the classes. My daughter (8) tries to do them every day when we can and enjoys a different lesson each time!  My six year old has very poor fine motor skills and this has helped her a lot. They asked for your books for Christmas. Even my teenager (though he would never admit it) enjoys them. We also did the "before" activities. I really appreciate how they are learning the basic 3-D shapes in such a fun way. Thank you again.

Cook Family

Mark Kistler is a hero in our house…from childhood actually. My brother actually swears he learned to draw from Commander Mark on PBS. At any rate, technology has changed the face of “schooling”... Thank you for offering several days of classes a week and all at a fantastic price! God is good.

Today we drew Penguins! (Actually, all week we’ll be drawing penguins. Themes change weekly.)

Kids did great. He says that if you are keeping your drawings in a sketch book, you’ll see skill progression quickly. I’m anxious for them to see their talents grow. It’s therapeutic for me too!

Someone in your house love to draw? This is something you don’t want to pass up. 10 online classes a week. Don’t delay! Check it out and sign up. (BTW…I get no rewards if you sign up…just knowledge that you too found something great!)

Kids want to do tonight’s class also as he’ll be drawing a different version of a penguin tonight. Michael will do the Mini-Marshmallow class tomorrow morning as it goes a little slower and is less detailed. Sweet!

I am sure I’ll blog more about our drawings at another time, but I’m thankful for the live classes and the fact that we can simply plug it into our weekly schedule. It’s a commitment that is good for all of us…a creative outlet with no right or wrong and so easy to follow. He swears ANYONE can learn to draw. I believe him. It’s an awesome way to spend some time online! Supplies…just a pencil and paper.

Boster Family

Thank You a million times for bringing PBS's Imagination Station Mark Kistler to Wichita State University!!!! Just Wonderful!!! The parents had MORE fun than the the kids! Here is a photo of our daughters working with Mark online...his lessons are BRILLIANT!

Wichita, KS

Thank you for this program!! My 11 year old son was taking art for a time and was becoming very good but the teacher was no longer available for lessons. I desperately wanted him to continue with his art skills but finding a teacher and at a reasonable price has been  a difficult task. Also, my son is hard to please so I was hesitant about this program but with the first lesson he was hooked! He even wanted to continue when school was finished!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the excellent pricing as well as an excellent teacher/ program.

Tricia Clark

I do want to thank you I am a fifty something lady who has had a burning desire to draw and have always battled with perspective and 3-D. I was going to sign up for local art lessons, but after a full day at work just did not have the energy. I then stumbled across your book and Virtual Classroom online! It has been a wonderful journey of total satisfaction and great fun! I live in Durban, South Africa and am happy that I am able draw with you LIVE! Keep up the good work. My name is Barbara and I shall send you my completed lesson samples. Thanks again.

Barbara K.
Durban, South Africa

My kids LOVE this program and beg to do it everyday. I love it because they can do it by themselves and enjoy it. My 5 year old daughter drew a picture of the Koala and I could tell what it was. It was awesome! I recommend this program to friends all the time. This is my first experience with an online art program, but I love it so far. Mark Kistler does a great job of keeping the kids engaged. My kids watch it together...It was definately worth the money!

Lori U.

I bought the Mark Kistler Online Art membership hoping to inspire my three children (15, 13, 10) a love of art and drawing. In the few weeks we have had the program they are getting on to his site every day and are very proud of their art work. I have enjoyed watching them expand their talents.


My kids LOVE drawing with Mark-Kistler (on our home computer)! His lessons are engaging and they are really becoming great little artists.

Toni M.

Hello Mark,

First thank you for making a dream of mine come true. I am a 39 year old student of yours... LA (like the city) Piper 🙂

Stick figures have always alluded me, and I was convinced I just couldn't draw (even though secretly I wanted nothing more...well maybe dancing, but that's another story :).

I so love your website and your class. This is just the class to make learning safe.

I love your enthusiasm and energy. And as an high school teacher I can appreciate how much you put into what you do... so thank you!

I sincerely hope it is ok that I am an old "kid" in your class.

Tokyo, Japan

Hi Mark, I am probably one of your oldest students-55 years old-but if you asked me I would deny it. I have always loved to draw, but after watching your lessons and referring to your books, I have become a lot better and more confident. I'm really pleased with all of the drawings I have sat in on, and will recommend these lessons to my friends. I really do have fun, and my daughter has commented on how much better my drawings look. Thanks for spending your time and talents on us in the virtual world.

Kip F.

Dear Mark,
We LOVE your Virtual Classroom here in Taiwan! Thanks for offering so many class time choices, even with our 10 hour time difference we are enjoying drawing with you LIVE each week.  Your lessons are so much fun, packed full of important information, and completely engaging! I am the Chinese translator of your book "You Can Draw in 30 Days"; in Taiwan. This book has been published in its Chinese version from the beginning of August. It has been such an enjoyable time translating this book; therefore, I have tried almost all of the drawing tasks in your book, and the results have never let me down. I work as an English teacher. My husband and I have our own English school here. I agree with you about the ABC Rules in this book the most because it also works in every field of learning.  Thanks for writing "Hi Wendy in Taiwan!" in the drawing during our last Virtual Class session.  We love this technology, and look forward to drawing, learning, and laughing with you on our home computer each week.   I hope that one day you might have the chance to visit Taiwan.

Wendy Lien

THANK YOU!...I never see my daughter get up from bed so quickly than these past two days! She is more than excited...She LOVES drawing with Mark Kistler....She says she feels like a fish in water!!!!


What a BLAST! What a terrific teacher and motivator! Mark is so funny, genuine, and has amazing talent! Thank you for allowing parents to participate for free! I'm having as much fun as my children...I didn't have any idea I could draw!

Shannon R.
Kalamazoo, MI

My Son LOVES this Class - talks about it all day and can't wait for the next drawing lesson!

Jessica H.
Kalamazoo, MI

I love Mark's enthusiasm because it made me draw alongside my daughter!

Greg P.
Grand Rapids, MI

Mark is fun and funny and an absolute teaching genius. He is able to make everyone comfortable drawing, young and old alike.

Pam C.
Rio Rancho, NM

My kids really enjoy this program. They went from thinking that they were not very good at drawing to showing off their work to others. They ask if they can do art everyday, and since the lessons are not super long they make time to do a lesson very day.  They love how excited Mark gets after each lesson.   This really is a great program. I wish that I had known about it for my older kids.  A friend told us about it and we will tell our friends about it.

Francine C

Mark Kistler has a special gift of keeping kids entertained and interested, while at the same time, teaching them how to draw. My two kids absolutely LOVE drawing with Mark and have so much fun watching, that sometimes they are laughing so hard they forget to keep drawing! My daughter would do every class time available if we'd let her skip school and stay up late. Fortunately, Marks virtual class schedule allows her to catch a couple lessons each week, and even though they are the same weekly lesson, Mark's imagination and humor make each lesson unique. Thank you Mark!

John V.
Grand Rapids, MI

Daniel loves to draw and Mark has been a great inspiration and encouragement to him. Daniel is very excited to get to take the VIRTUAL on-line classes and receive weekly feedback on his drawings. This has been such a personalized customized curriculum!  Mark talks directly to Daniel and the other classroom participants by name constantly throughout each lesson.  Daniel suggests drooping the ears on the bunny, and Mark enthusiastically applauds and encourages his ideas, and draws the bunny ears drooping in 3-D!  This is like Daniel has Mark Kistler for his Personal Art Coach!  Daniel hopes to use his drawing skills someday as an animator or illustrator. It is great to have Mark personally available LIVE so many hours each week to help him grow artistically. Daniel is motivated to practice knowing that you review his drawings each week!  I've attached his lesson drawings below, I'm always impressed how much learning and fun you pack into a 60 minute Virtual class!

Julie H.
Franklin, Texas

My son and I have been taking your drawing classes for more than 6 years. Every lesson has been a blast! There is so much information and fun packed into each lesson, and we both have always had a blast. The new on-line lessons are terrific. There are many class time options so it's easy to find a class that works. Being able to attend as many classes as we want is cool, and being at home makes it that much more relaxed. These classes are truly a bargain and you have been so engaging with all the kids who show up to draw, and its only going to improve as we all get used to the technology.

We hope for many more years of drawing with you.
Thanks for everything,

Don H
Albuquerque, NM

Mark Kistler's art classes encourage imagination, creativity, and focus in a positive, kid-friendly environment. Mark's classes are lively and entertaining. Our son has been going to Mark's summer art camp classes for years and loves the virtual art classes that came online recently. He can't wait to get home to get online and start drawing on the night of his virtual class. This amazing technology makes it seem as though Mark is right in the same room teaching. My son thinks the virtual classes are awesome!

Ann P
San Diego, CA

Your class is my children's first exposure to live, on-line learning, and I must say that I am very impressed with your classes! I love that they're learning more drawing techniques and that they get a gentle introduction to live, on-line classes. You are a fabulous teacher and the kids love the classes! I am also impressed with how well you interact and send gentle reminders...for example, telling the class today to never leave your website during a lesson.

Thanks for making this possible!

Becky Johnson
Greenville, TN

Dear Mark Kistler,

I am so excited that you still have a website and that you are still around as an artist to be able to contact and tell you how much you have influenced my life and my artwork. (This came up and I wanted to track you down, because a friend at work was jokingly singing the Imagination Station song, and I was like "Oh my God!! did you every watch that show....!!" It was crazy!)

Over the years I have admired many artists and used their styles to grow and improve upon my own personal artwork. (I'm tearing up just typing this) I'm 27 and I remember being young and getting home from school and turning on Imagination Station and drawing along with your lessons from the show. You do such an amazing job for children in teaching the basics and core qualities needed to bring your art to the next level. I always loved that you made it so that ANYBODY could draw the picture and you broke it all down and involved the Renaissance words to teach those core abilities. I still remember them, and use them to now teach my daughter how to draw. Every now and then I'll run into another artist who had watched the show and know the joys of being an Action Line Ninja, or how you always drew your brother into the drawings. It was just an amazing show! I loved it!

I hope this note finds you well and still successful in all that your doing. I'd love to share with you some of my artwork and I'm sure that you will see all the same Renaissance words in the pieces. I still seriously think of them in every drawing!

Thank you for all you have done, and hope you truly feel how much your art has affected my life.

Nathan Hart

Hi Nathan,

What a profound and inspiring letter. Thank you for taking the time to write such a heartfelt message. I'm so pleased you remember "Commander Mark!". It's so rewarding hearing "The Secret City" PBS series in 1985, had such a positive impact on your life! I was 20 years old when the series was produced, and little did I know the project would resonate and shape my career for the rest of my life. Now, as I approach the big 50, I take special delight in hearing from young parents like yourself who remember "The Secret City" from their youth and are now sharing the joy of drawing with "Commander Mark" via YouTube and their own memories.

You do honor me with your kind words and gracious memories.

Thank You.

Mark Kistler

Nathan Hart,

Mark's virtual classroom is fantastic.  My children have been drawing with Mark on his regular online art academy but this is much more fun!! Seeing Mark draw with them live and having him put them in his drawings not only makes it exciting but engages them more, all the while learning how to draw 3-D!  Now, when they doodle on something, it is more than a doodle.  Their pictures have depth, shadowing, contour, and foreshortening applied to them.

Sharon Tisdale

About 25 years ago, my grandfather sat me down with a VHS tape called Drawing in 3D with Mark Kistler. I was also given a book called Draw Squad. I learned all the basic skills of drawing from these two items and it gave me confidence as a child knowing I could create such amazing images. Here I am now, 34 years old with kids of my own. I recently found some of your on-line videos and started showing my 6 year old son. He is now "the world bestest box maker" as he puts it and has shared his new-found talent and tips with his classmates. Even more amazing, is that my mom searched the attic and found that original book of mine and sent it to me. Inside was a piece of scratch paper with several of my sketches from my childhood. I am so proud to now share your book with my son and to have the tools to teach him how to draw just as you taught me. We are humbled by your generosity in sharing your amazing talent with children everywhere and for teaching lessons that last a lifetime.
Thank you for all that you do.

Kara L.
Oklahoma City, OK

Dear Mark, My daughter, Allison, participated in your morning art class....... This is a fabulous medium for teaching and we are absolutely thrilled that we found a way to join your classes. My daughter has only participated just a bit over a week and she is having a blast! She laughs out loud while she draws. She so enjoys you. What a pleasure it is to see her not only drawing and learning but also giggling while she does. I want to thank you also for keeping the content of your class clean. What a blessing that is when so much of the world tv and computer has content that we consider inappropriate for not only children but also families and have to simply turn it off. I don't have worry when my daughter is viewing your classes that there will be ANYTHING inappropriate. I cannot thank you enough for that and I am sure that other parents would say the same. We are a homeschooling family and thank God that we have found your classes for our daughter. I cannot begin to say how much she loves them. As a matter of fact, they have become quite an incentive for her to get her other school work finished so that she can participate in all the weekly classes. Mark, you are so talented and have been very blessed to work well with children in the manner that you do. I have sat with my daughter while viewing since our first day (the 19th) and I must say I have been impressed not only with the content but also with the good values that you attempt to instill in your students. I give you 5 star in all areas! Thanks for all that you do to make this a great experience. God Bless you and your lovely children. They are very blessed
to have you for a Daddy.

Kassandra G.
Bealeton, VA

My sons (ages 5 and 7), my husband (an accomplished artist) and I (can draw a straight line but thats about it) are all enjoying the lessons. Mr. Kistler has a gentle and humorous approach to art. His lessons have been a great supplement to our homeschooling.

Fledging Artists in Iowa
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